Access to quality healthcare services is a basic human need. It is also a pronounced challenge in Native communities, where health disparities are significant. Native people have among the highest rates of diabetes, heart disease and substance abuse, people are often separated from the nearest providers and facilities by great distances, and overall life expectancy is nearly six years less than any other population in the United States. The Seneca Nation is committed to serving the health needs of its people, from Elders to the youngest children. The Nation has developed a recognized health system, complete with new on-territory health canters and facilities, that provides a comprehensive range of services, including primary and preventive care, Behavioral Health, Child & Family services, Dental, Optical, Diabetes Treatment and Education, Pharmacy services, and more. The system incorporates the belief that physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being are all one.

As the COVID pandemic tightened its grip on the world beginning in 2020, Native populations were among the most severely impacted. In addition to working diligently to protect its own people, the Seneca Nation also worked collaboratively with its neighbors, opening its doors to provide vaccines to area residents and hosting multiple vaccination clinics at its gaming facilities in Cattaraugus and Niagara counties.