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“Stand With Seneca” is a public awareness campaign designed to educate, inform and advocate to the region on the significance of the Seneca Nation’s presence. By sharing both the positive economic impacts and the proud cultural heritage of the Seneca people, we aim to gain the public’s fact-based understanding of the relationship between the Nation & the Western New York community. The region is the Nation’s homeland since time immemorial, and the Nation’s commitment to the area is permanent. As a result of this campaign, we call you to Stand With Seneca.

Defining Success

Everyday, Seneca Nation is investing in New York, New Yorkers and the future of our shared diverse communities.


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Access to quality healthcare services is a basic human need. It is also a pronounced challenge in Native communities. The Seneca Nation is committed to serving the health needs of its people, providing comprehensive services to all, from Elders to the youngest children, incorporating the traditional belief that physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being are all one.


The path to growth and success is paved by education. Yet, nationwide, Native students have some of the lowest high school graduation rates. The Seneca Nation is committed to helping all generations of Senecas follow an educational path that leads to success in the classroom, helps them achieve their life and career goals, and prepares them for leadership and success within their chosen career, their community and their Nation. This all-encompassing focus creates multiple pathways and opportunities for the youngest children and families, school-age students, college and post-secondary students, and non-traditional students.

Cultural Preservation

Seneca culture and heritage – like the Seneca people – have faced seemingly relentless attacks throughout history. If not for the strength and perseverance of the Seneca people, the Seneca culture, including their traditional language, could have been lost to time and erased forever. Instead, these important foundations of Seneca identity are once again beginning to thrive.

Economic Development

The Seneca Nation has led a major economic transformation over the last 20 years. The Nation’s investments, including nearly $2 Billion to develop three world-class casinos and historic investments in facilities and services on its territories, have created a sustained energy and economic development wave whose benefits are felt by thousands of individuals, families and businesses across New York every day.


The Cattaraugus Community Center (CCC) invested $26 million dollars to bring wellness and fitness activities to Western New York. The center shares its culture, knowledge and resources with the general public, bringing in other organizations for programs including basketball, volleyball, summer youth programming and hockey. The CCC is home to the Western Door Hockey League, providing youth an opportunity to gain confidence on and off the ice rink.

Food Sovereignty

To address food security and sovereignty, the Seneca Nation developed Gakwi:yo:h Farms. The agricultural initiative produces healthy food, engages traditional food processing procedures and makes these foods available to our community members, from field to table. Our mission is to positively impact our people, contribute to healthier eating habits and change how we bring food into our homes.

Public Safety

The Seneca Nation provides valuable emergency services for its citizens. From fire protection to medical services to hazard planning, our teams utilize technology, problem solving and critical decision making to keep everyone in the community safe across all territory boundaries.

“I am thankful you are well.”


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June 17


Parade begins at 10:45am


Martin Luther King, Jr. Park Fillmore Avenue & Best Street Buffalo, NY 14211


Senecas push for new compact

The Seneca Nation of Indians continued its push Tuesday to land a new gaming compact with the state, urging the Legislature to pass a bill before session ends to allow the Hochul administration to negotiate a new agreement.